Selecting the correct tile adhesive and Grout

Selecting a good tile adhesive is as important as selecting the right type of tiles for a particular project. When choosing the correct adhesive , one has to consider whether the tile will be applied inside or outside, to the wall or the floor and in a wet or dry area. It is also important to reflect on the kind of setting bed to be used: drywall, concrete or plywood as well as the type of tiles selected.

Types of adhesives
Cement based adhesives are usually available in various working and setting times from 6hr – 24hr settings before grouting can start.
These adhesives are usually grey or white in colour and can be used on Porcelain and low water absorptive tiles such as marble and granite slabs, glass mosaics and ceramic tiles
These cement-based adhesives have excellent bonding properties and are good for both indoor and outdoor applications .

Ready mix adhesives are suitable mainly for use on wood bases. Ready mixed adhesives are in small, medium or large tubs and they are ready to be used as the name suggests.
It is, however, important for consumers to consult with our sales team to receive the correct recommendation of adhesive for the tiling job at hand.

Surestik is the leading company in tile adhesives with a track record of more than 25 years. Surestik specialises in tiling installation materials, grout, tile cement, tile adhesives, building solutions and is well knowen for the quality of its products. It is the brand of choice for tiling contractors and specifiers as well as DIY tile installers.

Surestik products are manufactured in South Africa to suit local climatic conditions. Whether you require product solutions for a fast-tracked tiling installation, have a concrete repair problem on site or are simply installing tiles at home, Surestik has the tiling solution that will suit your needs and get the job done correctly.

Surestik offers a wide range of tiling adhesives to meet every tiling installation requirement. Surestik tiling adhesives are user-friendly as they only require the addition of clean water or a latex additive. Another benefit is that they are formulated and designed to ensure a strong and flexible installation. Surestik range of quality and easy-to-use tiling adhesives include standard-setting, ready-mixed and rapid-setting adhesives. Surestik tiling adhesives are suitable for fixing all types of tiles, including ceramic; porcelain; natural stone; clay and mosaic tiles, to walls and floors in interior, exterior and wet areas.

Surestik has two specialist divisions offering tiling installation solutions and tiling tools as well as building solutions. The company has a national footprint in all the major tiling and building merchants as well as home improvement retailers.

Products are manufactured in South Africa at specialist plants located in Durban. Surestik is dedicated to developing products that are specifically compatible with the harsh South African climatic conditions.

Surestik Materials specification is a detailed and tailor-made specification for each installation and acts as an essential benchmark and control document before, during and after any contract. This service is just another way in which Surestik delivers quality solutions to its customers.

Surestik is a market leader in quality, service and technology and continues to deliver innovative solutions in the new millennium.